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Don't Panic

For your convenience find you here the content of the project readme file with the general installation instructions. But don't panic, if you use a Debian like or Fedora like system you will find an install script which will do all the annoying steps for you. All other should not run into trouble when studying the available readme files.


1- Installation
2- Further Readings
3- Customizing
4- Uninstall
5- Troubleshooting

1- Installation
To become Filu working follow these steps from top to down.

If you want to update your existing Filu installation to a new snapshot take a
look at doc/changelog.txt for things which must be considered. In general it is
a good idea to uninstall your old installation which means *only* to uninstall
the Filu progs. cd into your old FiluSource-YYYY-MM-DD/build directory and do:
  make uninstall

After that you have only to compile the new progs as described in chapter 1-2,
that's all. And *don't* touch your database except the changelog says
something else.

The following infos apply to Debian based Linux, Fedora and Arch Linux. If you
use a different OS you may need to do something deviating. The described way
will install the Filu programs and the PostgreSQL server on the same local
machine. For details about the PostgreSQL configuration see 3- Customizing.

There are install scripts available (tested only on 32 bit systems) for apt-get
and yum based Linux. Running on a slow Netbook take around 10min to install
on Ubuntu. Run just simple:

Take a look at the fitting readme-foo.txt for details of the used packages and

*Please* report in any case if you come in trouble while the installation or
later by using Filu. Without feedback I can't fix it!

1-1- Needed Dependencies
The main programs need to complile:
  Compiler        Only tested with gcc
  Qt              At least version 4.8, Qt 5 is not tested
  muParser        At least version 2.0.0, recommended is 2.2.3
  TA-Lib          At least version 0.4.0

The European Central Bank scripts needs Perl modules:

The Yahoo scripts needs Perl modules:

The database:
  PostgreSQL      At least version 8.4

1-2- Compilation
After install of all dependencies you have to do:
  cd into the FiluSource directory
  mkdir build
  cd build
  cmake ..        Yes, there are two dots!
  sudo make install
  sudo ldconfig

You should now find at your application menu below 'Office' the programs:

Furthermore you have:

1-3- Setup PostgreSQL
The only thing what missing now, is the database and a database user.
The default for both is 'filu'. To create them simple run:
  sudo filu-cfg-postgresql

If there is reported that the PostgreSQL server couldn't be started, start them.
On some distributions, like Arch or Fedora, you have to create a cluster after
install of PostgreSQL and have to start the server manually. The script try to
do it for you but may fail.

Ensure the server is available in the future. On systemd systems run:
  sudo systemctl enable postgresql

1-4- As A Last Point
Now its time to check the working with:

There should not print any error message but some other stuff.

2- Further Readings
More information you will find at doc directory. It may a good idea to start
with first-steps.txt, e.g. just by running 'agentf doc first'

3- Customizing
If you prefer different names for the database and/or database user you can run
filu-cfg-postgresql with some options. Try -h and you will enlightened.

For more tunings see:

4- Uninstall
To remove the Filu program collection cd into FiluSource/build and do:
  make uninstall

Removing of all installed dependencies is up to you, sorry.

5- Troubleshooting
Here some notes which hopefully may help if something went wrong or is missing.

Install TA-Lib From Source
Download and unzip the source from
  cd into the extracted source directory
  sudo make install

Install muParser From Source
Download and unzip the source from
  cd into the extracted source directory
  ./configure --enable-samples=no
  sudo make install

Install Missing Perl Packages
If so, like xml-libxml-simple on Fedora, you can install them direct from cpan
easily with App-cpanminus. In our example is one more dependency needed:
  yum -y install perl-App-cpanminus libxml2-devel
  cpanm XML::LibXML::Simple

CMake Reports Not To Find PostgreSQL
Look at, Good Luck!

The Compilation Abort With Not To Find Something
Read attentively what is missing and search the web, or your package manager,
where the missing file is included and (re)install the package.