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For your convenience find you here a part of content of the project changelog file. Part means that it may not include all entry of doc/changelog.txt but such which should be the most interesting ones.

So it gives you a foretaste of what is to come in the next snapshot release or ensnare you to update already to the bleeding edge.

The full detailed list of changes could you find in the commit log at GitHub.


Less Painfully Snapshot
With small improvements which make some things more user and provider friendly.
There are also some new scripts available which make the installation less
painfully, especially on Debian and Fedora systems where you have only run one

Go on reading the changelog to notice in more detail what's new, maybe fixed and
may have to considered in case of an update.


- Fix: Respect distributions QSettings fallback path. Fedora for example
  uses /etc and not /etc/xdg
- Add install-by-aptget and install-by-yum script
- Add from original Qt source tree the psql driver plugin
- Add filu-cfg-postgresql to progs and update install procedure
- Save settings as utf-8. In case of an update you may notice misbehaviour
- PerformerF: Allow the ZoomView to be placed central top/bottom too. In case of
  an update you have to run PerformerF once with '--config  PerformerState=" "'

- Commands exo/sum use now own devil user config files and FiluHome directories.
  In case of an update ensure to unset Devil= in your config file
- Change command 'set' to 'config' and add more options
- Command 'imp' search now for given file as well with new config key ImportPath
- New command 'doc'
- Start clones on demand and be nice to the providers. In case of an
  update check new config keys: MinJobsPerClone, MaxTimeLag, MinTimeLag
- CmdThis: Add FIs to group 'NoData' in case of...

Hot Summer Snapshot
Awake ManagerF's FiPage to life, add the European Central Bank as currency
provider, improve some tiny things to be more user friendly and kill some ugly

Sadly is the DB changed in a way that you have export/delete/import your DB in
case of an update.

Read the changelog to notice in more detail what's new or may be fixed.

Enjoy the sun and have Fun!

New Snapshot
With less old bugs and hopefully not too much new bugs.

Happy New Year!

Santa Claus Snapshot
Santa has done a cure for bug addiction. I hope the doctor didn't had infect him
with too much new germs.

Go on reading the changelog to notice what's new or may be fixed.

Merry Christmas!

Damn Santa Claus Snapshot
You have your shoes polished!

A lot of changes at not so interesting parts. It is poor tested, so I hope it
make not to much trouble. It should be easier to install and compile faster.
Anyway we have some nice user experience improvements.

PerformerF and ManagerF shows tables a little spaces sparing and without grids.
ManagerF can now hide the page icons by a splitter and the indicator editor
is a little bit less pesky.

PerformerF is now watching the used indicator and reload them if edited which
is very nice while indicator development. The indicator picker remember his
last selection.

AgentF has now better help text, write nicer into the log file and has new
devilish commands. That's, and because all is almost untested, is why the
snapshot is 'damn' ;-)

An update should work without special treatments. Take a look at the readme
and go on reading the changelog to notice what may affect you.

PS: At 6th of December in Germany comes 'Der Nikolaus' and places some candy
in well polished shoes.

- IndicatorPicker is now watching changes in the indicator directory and
  rebuild his tree.
- IndicatorPicker save/restore now the selection.
- IndicatorWidget is now watching the used indicator and reload them if needed.
- FiGroupWidget save/restore the selected group.
- The grid in table views are gone and the row heights are adjusted.
- Oops, fix possible segfault when got no data to load and resize window occur.

- Add a splitter to hide the page icons.
- IndicatorPage reviewed
  - No longer bother with ask truly to save, only if  it make sense.
  - Add a delete button and keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-S, Ctrl-Del.

- Add switches --broker and --depots

New Snapshot
Brings so much changes under the hood that an update from the last snapshot may
fail, you are warned! The most important new stuff is depot management on the
command line. Read the original changelog for update details.

 - Change option '--depotId' to '--dpid'.
 - Add optional parameter m|t to '--lso'.
 - Add command '--delete' (depot).
 - Add command '--cancel' (order).
 - Add command '--cho' (change order).
 - Improve command parsing to omit -- at first cmd/switch.

 - Change key VerboseLevel to Verbose
 - Change key SqlDebugLevel to SqlDebug

 - Rename ZoomOutWidget to ZoomWidget. This change also the used IndicatorSet
   and will disarrange your program look, sorry.

 - Update MakeNameNice.conf to fit changes by Yahoo. You have to copy by hand to
   your ~/Filu folder in case of an update.
 - Some more small changes and fixes.

 - Change command line parameter --Filu to --config which all progs take.
 - Indicator, Fix parsing, MUP() doesn't got operators 'or'/'and'.
 - Trader, Fix to fit docu, WorkOnFiGroup could now be a list.
 - Filu, Change config key 'UserName' to 'PgUserRole'
 - DB, Some changes and fixes. Running 'agentf filu --update' is enough.
 - Doc, New read depot-management.txt.
 - Some more small changes and fixes.

Command 'depots' has some new switches/sub-commands:
 - clo, clear orders.
 - simtrade, Creates a new depot owned by 'Simulator' with a auto generated name
   and runs a full complex trading simulation.

 - Fix compile trouble on Suse.
 - fetchBar_Yahoo: Try to fix actual garbage data trouble with date in 1970.
 - Some more small changes and fixes.

 - Add optional name parameter to 'deamon'.
 - Add --lsd (list depots) to 'depots'.
 - Add DepotId to post, depotPos and order at command 'add'.

 - New file doc/config-file.txt, several other docs updated.
 - DB, some minor fixes.
 - Importer, some minor fixes.

 - Add switches: all, noBars, noUser, to, from, ulys.
 - Change switch eodRaw, take no longer a date range.
 - Change filter switches from --setFoo to --foo.
 - Bar data are exported per FI, not all at once. This prevent that
   kind of blocking to fetch the data and should be more safety.
 - Print more nicely what's going on.

 - Various fixes. To update you have at least to reinstall with -UDST and run
   'agentf filu --update'. But some less important stuff is not fixed this way.

 - Print now more exactly what's going on.
 - Add Tag [EOF].
 - Fix CompList. Works now nicely and removes underlyings which are no longer
   part of the index.
 - Add depot stuff.
 - Updated doc/import-file-format.txt.

 - Remove commands 'addFi' and 'addSplit'.
 - New command 'add'. Uses Importer to add a single data set. Try 'agentf add'
   to find out more.
 - Print a more fitting message on exit when had trouble.

 - Update doc/first-steps.txt.
 - Change log file from agentf.log to filu.log.
 - Update doc/hacking-filu-power-indicators.txt.
 - Add new file doc/hacking-generic-fis.txt.
 - Update DB, fixes and/or fine tunings after that huge makeover.
 - Add depot management, well partial and poor documented.
 - Change TradingRules, Replace 'Commission<foo>' with 'FeeFormula'
   and remove 'WorkWithPortfolio'.
 - AgentF, new command 'depots <arg>'. See doc/first-steps.txt.
 - AgentF, new command 'filu <arg>'. See doc/first-steps.txt.
 - Suppress output of trading report when viewing a simulation.
   If you want it back start PerformerF with --Filu VerboseLevel=Ample
 - Some minor fixes at InspectorF.

 - Add one more verbose level 'Ample'. Could used in RcFile for (Sql)DebugLevel
   and VerboseLevel.
 - Add/Fix Importer to import FiTypes.
 - Fix Importer, don't ASSERT if less data in a line as [Header] promised.
 - New (or even initial) concept of generic FIs.
 - Huge database makeover. To update you have to ex-/import your data.
 - Change eodbars open/h/l/c from float8 to float4.
 - AgentF, change command 'printSettings' to 'info'.

All Progs
 - Take on the command line now the parameter '--Filu key=value [key=value...]'.
   Whereas 'key' a config file key is. That mean you could overwrite any config
   setting on the command line. To be on the save side only append these as last
   parameter, e.g. agentf full 2001-01-01 --Filu DatabaseName=MyNewTestDB
 - New config setting 'VerboseLevel', see doc/first-steps.txt.

 - Rest in peace. Removed from progs.

 - New command 'scan'. See doc/first-steps.txt. That replace DiggerF.
 - Each time the bars of an FI are be updated a scan will automatic performed.
 - Fix: No longer that doubled 'agentf:' when 'full' is running.

 - *AddToGroup can now take a comma separated list of groups.
 - New Key *ScanFreq. See doc/indicator-file-format.txt

Santa Claus Snapshot
Brings nice improvements at ManagerF, mostly his AddFiPage. For the list of
changes go on reading here.

To update from the 2010-12-01 snapshot only compile and install the progs. To be
sure that the new Yahoo scripts are working take a look at the readme for
updated Perl dependencies.

Older entries are removed here